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Figuring out your retirement using the Percent Formula.

A.M.E. stands for average monthly earnings.

You can find out what your AME is by calling the ATI Benefits Center, make sure they know it is for your AME or you can look at it yourself on the ATI Benefits site clicking the button below:

To figure out what your AME is, take the last 10 years of employment and look to see what your best 3 consecutive years were.
Add up the total of those 3 years.  Divide that total by 3 to get your yearly average.  Divide your yearly average by 12 to get your monthly average. 

You can also divide the 3 year total by 36 (3X12) and get the same result.

There are exceptions and possible deductions found in your Pension Agreement Summary Plan under Calculation of Pension Benefits, Average Monthly Earnings.

Your retirement is then figured using the following formula:

                             AME X 1.155%X (Service years<=30 years)
                             AME X 1.26%X (Service years > 30 years)

Example:  If you have 33 years of service with the company and your annual income for the past 10 years were as follows:

                    1)       $40,250
                    2)      $52,180
                    3)      $45,080
                    4)      $60,590
                    5)      $53,970
                    6)      $72,150
                    7)      $75,860
                    8)      $70,860
                    9)      $63,740
                  10)      $65,150

To figure your pension, your best 3 consecutive years would have been years 6-8 for a total of $218,870, now divide that by 3 years. You would get $72,956 as your yearly average.  Then divide that by 12 to get your AME (Monthly average) which in this example is $6,079 or you could divide $218,870 by 36 and get the same $6,079        

                              Now use the formula to figure your pension
                            $6,079 X 1.15%= 69.91 X 30 years = $2,097.30
                            $6,079 X 1.26% = 76.60 X 3 years = $229.80

Your monthly % retirement under this example would be $2,097.30 plus $229.80 for a total of $2,327. That would be compared with regular flat monthly retirement of $2,250.  Either option you would also get the $400 supplement until eligible for 80% of your SS (Social Security) or are awarded a SSD (Social Security Disability).


These examples are without particular considerations such as disability, and the like. You will have to review specific sections to see what may apply to you.