United Steelworkers Local 1196

New Employees

After your have reached the required probationary period of 520 hours of service, you and your family become entitled to health, prescription, dental, vision, and sickness and accident benefits.

A.T.I. must be notified about the Primary Care Physician numbers (located in the Select Blue Directory) for you and your family members. 

The toll free number to reach A.T.I. Benefits is: (866) 820-2822. You must also supply the names, dates of birth and social security numbers of children under the age of 25 that are attending school full time. Children not attending school full time will be covered until age 19.

If you or your family obtained medical, dental, vision or prescription bills between the time that you reached 520 hours of service and the time that you received your benefit cards, contact the Pension and Insurance Committee at 724-224-9000, extension 25.